Modern Science (2009)

by Modern Science

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released March 1, 2009

All songs written by Kane Churko (
except #8,9 & 10 written by Kane Churko/Kevin Churko

Produced & Engineered by Kevin Churko & Kane Churko
Mixed & Mastered by Kevin Churko

Kane Churko: vocals, gtr, programming, everything else
Mike McHugh: bass, background vocals
Kevin Churko: drums, programming, background vocals
Charles Henry: Gtr solos & extra guitar on 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9
Robert Rosiles: Dj Scratching on #1, 5, 6
Mike Norman: Horns, Organ, Clav, Rhodes on 3, 4, 10



all rights reserved
Track Name: Look Where You're Walkin'
When you cross the street
you never look in both directions
You move to your own beat
oblivious to my attention

and it breaks my heart to know
you may never be one of the lucky ones baby
Like walkin' on hot coals
I know I gotta move before I burn

Look where you're walkin' baby
Know when to stop
Look where you're walkin' baby

Sometimes it's hard to read
between the lines of your confessions
Every story that you weave
has every single fact in question

and it breaks my heart to know
you and me may never be the lucky ones baby
Always on my toes
I know I gotta move before I burn
Track Name: Every Little Thing
If the things that you say are true
There ain't nothing that I can do
To take things in the wrong direction - yeah
So what is it to you?

You can try but you can't stop me

Every little thing that you say is a lie
If you had your way I'd be hung out to dry
What good is a world where we fear all our lives?
Well I'm not satisfied
No I'm not satisfied

You're not the focus of my attention
Just a second verse in a song
An obvious misconception - yeah
A story with no plot at all

You can try but you can't stop me

(Now it's time for a little music - like old times - like old times....)
(Hoo Ha!) I can't believe it!
Everything you say's a lie
Everything you say's a lie
(I think we got a hit record!)

I can see the way you try and keep me out of reach
but now you know that I will be the one to let you go
Track Name: I'm The One (Pick Me)
You've always been the single girl now you're lookin' for romance
You're wonderin' who will be the next one that you call your man
You say it's hard to choose with so many fish out in the sea
I'll make it easy on ya babe go on and pick me

I'm the one - I'm the one - I'm the one
(Pick me)
I'm the one - I'm the one - I'm the one
(Pick me)

You look so good to me right now right here from where I stand
I bet you get the things you want at the wave of your hand
But when it's time to make a choice what future do you see?
If you know what's good for you now honey - you'll pick me

This ain't nothin' to laugh about
You know you turn me inside out
When are you going to make up your mind
and stop wastin' time?
Track Name: Baby Please
I've been keeping myself away
from all of those things that lead my heart astray
and you know it ain't easy
coz your love has got a hold on me

Still I'm trying hard to lay low
Staying far away from the troubles I know
But with all of your teasing
it's hard just to feel at easy

I said baby (baby)
Baby (baby)
Baby, baby, baby please
Oh baby (baby)
Baby (baby)
Don't you know you've got a hold on me - oh oh oh oh

Even when I feel torn in two
still both sides want to be with you
and it's killin' me lately
thinking your so far way

coz I want you here so much more
Don't you know I never felt like this before
You're the drug I crave daily
Only you can make me feel complete

I can't help myself from feeling this way
Can only hope your love for me grows bigger by the day
Ain't no place my love can hide
Anytime our hearts collide
there ain't no reason you can't spend every season with me
Track Name: Whatever You Say
You are the shadows you cast
You are the root of it all
A question nobody asks
A point that noone recalls

Aw you don't paint yourself into a scene
You hate the automatic and routine
You like to play in the dirt
and hope you come clean
let it go...

You've never been the victim of
A world that thinks the wrong way
No kind of aprehension from
all the ones, simple ones that you try and change

I feel myself coming round
You've got me pinned to the ground
Give it all up for whatever you say
Impossible to deny
Don't even need to ask why
Whatever you say
Whatever you say

Try not to move very fast
Hide in the thick of it all
Just like a snake in the grass
Dressed like the belle of the ball

You've got your own perfected point of view
No need to be directed what to do
Whatever you want I'll help you follow through
Here we go

No you never want to sit by
and let the world think the wrong way
Coz you've worked so hard to redefine
All the ones, simples ones that you try and change

We make it up as we go along- yeah yeah
You've got no sense of right
I've got no sense of wrong
Track Name: U Funk Me Up
You don't need to tell me what I shouldn't do
The last thing that I need is you steppin' on my groove

Gonna put up a front and make it look easy
You'd never know
The damage that's done whenever you see me
It doesn't show

What a strange game we play
when our feelings get in the way and take hold
At the end of the day - It's you I obey
You need to know

You funk me up (You funk me up)
You funk me up (You funk me up)
Don't even know what it took me so long to see
You funk me up (You funk me up)
You funk me up (You funk me up)
What nobody else can do you do easily

There ain't a day when I don't try and prove
The words I've been sayin' are taylor fit for you

I can tell your eyes I'm halfway believin'
You'd never know
The damage that we can do in an evening
When we let go

Try to hide every card so you don't break my guard
and take back all control
Like nobody does I tell you because
You need to know

I don't want to wait baby
Melt like wax and swing those hips
I want to hear those pants unzip
I just got to say - uh oh
So many fires left to ignite
Ain't nothin' wrong with feelin' right
Track Name: Desperately
It is my own personal ambition
to complicate everything I can
Using my words as ammunition
I'm in a place to make demands

I'll wage a war on indecision
so you'll be forced to take a stand
Instead of locking yourself in submission
You'll learn to take the upper hand

You'll give me all your love if it's the death of me
Coz in my arms is where you belong
Don't you know I want you desperately?!

It's a dangerous game to play around with destiny
Let's get together before the chance is gone
Don't you know I want you desperately?!
So desperately!

This ain't no diplomatic mission
It's a crusade to rule the land
and I'm the deadly opposition
My every wish is your command

I'll only take what I am given
Enough to execute my plan
Coz there's a world that I envision
Where we keep lovers close at hand

You can talk talk baby, tell me anything that you want
but it's the words you've been saving that will be the ones we wish upon
You'll be my prisoner of war, I won't be desperate anymore

Track Name: Wrong Things Said The Right Way
It is important to keep an element of surprise
Experiment with technique - figure out your best disguise
Go find the truth that you seek and guard it safe with your lives
Illusion is much more forgiving coz all you've got are your eyes

I hope you leave with what you came for
but finding out it takes more
has really brought you down more than you can ignore
I know - I know - I know...

The wrong things said the right way
Can sometimes be inviting but let them go
You've got to let them all go

The wrong things said the right way
are terrible frightening - let them go
You've got to let them all go

When the confusion is real and the excitement has died
Set aside how you feel - tell them your hands are tied
It's not what you do - it's what you don't that divides
The useless from those that are willing to say the wrong things right

The only thing you have to understand
is how to make it all up and have it sound like a plan
The things that you know dressed up in emperor's clothes
Let them go - let them go - let them go
Track Name: Can't Go Wrong
When the world melts away
and thoughts come fast of yesterday
and all the things still worth dying for

Shades of grey may compromise
The things that should feel black and white
but lately that's not a problem anymore

You've got to pay less notice
to the things that blind your focus
Hey Hey Hey don't believe what I say
See for yourself - every single day

When your hope wears thin
Grow a thicker skin
Don't apologize for anything
Coz you can't go wrong
Singing loud and strong
To the song in your heart
No you can't go wrong

Don't you see that everyday
is another chance to start again
Reinvent yourself better every time

Feel your pain washing away
All the things you couldn't change
Now that you have found some piece of mind

Sometimes we are helpless
When we're up against the selfish
There's no way you can win everyday
But in the end they'll be the ones to pay

The'll be times when you can't seem to get things right
But it won't be your fault coz you know tried
That's just the way it goes...sometimes....

Oh no - you can't go wrong
Track Name: The Hardest Part
I woke up today to find that time can't erase
emotions so deep once they have dawned
Soaked in defeat where action and consequence bleed
but patterns repeat and still carry on

I still know you and me
still could've grown grown up to be
more intimate friends
But now you're gone all I see
is what exists in front of me
A long desolate road

Sometimes the hardest part is living without you
When all that I want is to see you again
I didn't know who I was before I found you
and now that you're gone I don't know who I am
That's the hardest part of losing a friend.

The things we don't say might have potential to change
the hurt that we feel so don't wait too long

I don't know what to believe
I can't understand what I don't see
No I'm just not that kind
Don't look back or you might see
a serious lack of honesty
a long desperate road

And even in your worst of dreams
You knew I would die for you
Despite how strong that I seem
Sometimes I still cry for you.
Of all the things I would change
I'd take the false hope away
Oh oh - The memories well they never fade